MaxiTrade is a Forex Brokerage Company Respected by Traders – Marketme

MaxiTrade is a Forex Brokerage Company Respected by Traders – Marketme

maxitrade site

Regulators also mention the unstable operation of trading platforms. As a result, ordinary investors no longer trust the financial markets. The company boasts of easily accessible training materials and its technical equipment are intuitive.

maxitrade site

First and foremost, regulators must work towards the interest of the citizens. Once you trade forex, you bet on the price modification of a currency match, for example, the EURUSD. The promoters of these products promise traders a way to beat the market by arbitraging prices between different exchanges.

Its “Training” section also presents the richest set of resources. The trader is allowed very low spreads, starting from two pips, allowing them to maneuver without much loss. MaxiTrade has a large number of financial instruments that makes it possible to work with quotes of precious metals and oil. As this is the case, we need to get acquainted with ratings compiled by various websites and analysts.

Traders can always pay close attention to the international Forex market where more than a dozen worthy and recognized companies operate. In choosing the right one, they can consider how some of them behave in the market and what services they offer. Our choice fell on experienced brokers, Saxo Bank, OANDA, and MaxiTrade. Forex traders always face a difficult choice. It is challenging to determine a brokerage company that meets all modern requirements with an impeccable reputation, years of experience, not a scam or a fraud.

One of the best features that Maxi Trade offers their investors are the free trading signals. Directly on the trading platform, you will find an advanced trading signals alert system. Unlike traditional trading where agents charge commissions, FOREX brokers make money off the spread. In other words, traders should think about the potential for losing everything when they begin trading.

maxitrade site

Technical information about

Nowadays there are a lot of brokers that offer CFD trading on cryptocurrencies, so while they are not exclusively focused on this asset class, we can call them crypto brokers. If you are looking to trade crypto assets, visit our Crypto Brokers page, or check this article on the difference between trading and investing in crypto. We’re proud to be one of the first and only objective websites focused on reviewing Brokers, Robots and trading in general.

Now, I almost lose my money, only $2,000 US DOllar left on my account. How do I get this money back if I have made a few deposits to Maxi trade account under such false intentions. And that is when you will receive a phone call as well. CySec have sought to ban these sorts of terms by stopping the use of ‘deposit match’ bonuses. Non-CySec brands are still free to use them however, so T&C’s must always checked.

Accounts start at $250, which is average for the industry but I consider it too high because clients should be allowed to “test the waters” with lower amounts until they get the hang of it or until they are certain they want to commit a larger amount. Of course, they offer larger accounts – Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP, which will require deposits of $3,000, $10,000, $50,000 and $100,000 respectively. However, the perks you will get for opening large accounts (higher bonus, account manager, etc.) are not worth it in our opinion and besides, this is a new, offshore broker, with questionable regulation so we don’t recommend sending a big chunk of money.

  • Surprisingly enough, there is quite a handful of complaints online regarding Maxitrade.
  • What’s more, at least in their early days, binary options trading platforms tended to operate under the radar of the regulators and from any country over the internet – so it’s hardly surprising that unscrupulous operators seek to take advantage.
  • Good products will always have customers since there are people who don’t want to do the work themselves, and there are always new traders.
  • Saxo Bank has been operating for a good 25 years.
  • Saxo Bank and OANDA are far ahead of MaxiTrade.
  • Suddenly having access to so much cash, and with such low returns offered by other investment options, the prospect of trading binary options can be enticing.

We’re proud to be copied by hundreds of fake websites who use our good reputation to fish potential clients, just as much as we’re ashamed of their poor judgment. Blacklisted forex and binary brokers often use various tactics in order to prevent their traders from withdrawing the money and leaving. One of the most popular scams is ignoring the withdrawal requests. The customer service simply doesn’t reply to messages sent by the trader. This video is ONLY INFORMATIVE SEARCHED, it is not of commercial interest and was filmed only for the sole purpose of informing currency players about deceivers in the global financial market Forex, and specifically about the MaxiTrade dealing center.

Maxitrade exchange platform

OANDA also offers various trading platforms. Unfortunately, the company’s website doesn’t have any account options, (e.g. what amount should be deposited in order to be able to open and close transactions). Do note that these small flaws are unlikely to adversely affect the choice of traders. At first glance, the comparison of the three companies may be uncalled for, given the considerable difference in industry tenure. Saxo Bank and OANDA are far ahead of MaxiTrade.

All financial systems operate according to certain laws and rules and the Forex market occupies a certain place in it. One of the biggest advantages that MaxiTrade takes pride in is the availability of a large number of analytical materials. On the company’s website, you can find Forex forecasts for various time periods.

Perks range from bonuses, faster withdrawals and analyst support. Maxitrade scam Below we present the overview of the accounts. is a Broker Reviews Website.

Is Maxitrade a Scam? Beware

However, buying and selling puts and calls should, in most maxitrade cases, only be occurring in the event that you have a high-risk tolerance. One of the clearest indications of churning could be when you see buy and sell transactions for securities that don’t match your investment goals. And, they can change their rules and regulations as they please. The Times Of Israel reported that a victim of fraud was able to get a full refund of his deposit after contacting the financial institution that processed the brokers payments. They withheld payments until the broker satisfied the claims.

Traders are provided Forex forecasts both daily and weekly. MaxiTrade’s economic news calendar presents the events of world markets in real time. Financial news are published every day.

Otherwise, you lose. Regulatory organizations, who serve as representatives of a government’s executive and legislative branches, have developed a strict attitude towards companies representing why forex is a scam the international Forex currency market. Traders can simply ask their broker whether or not they use markups and make a decision whether or not you want to use their service.

maxitrade site