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Most detectors will have this feature, but the options of this mode will vary greatly. Normally, depth indicators will display how deep the object is on the LCD screen, giving you a range fr,om anywhere between one and twelve inches.

It’s an incredibly reliable metal detector that has a variety of coils for finding different types of treasure. He will be using it in water but just the coil needs to be waterproof, on land and on the beach. You want a metal detector that is ok in any type of weather, that will last you a long time and that you can take it out in multiple countries.

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What we like: This lightweight metal detector is well-balanced and easy to maneuver. Our take: This metal detector is simple enough for beginners, yet advanced enough to please more seasoned treasure hunters. Adults interested in metal detecting should expect to spend at least $100 and serious treasure hunters may spend upwards of $250. Sensitivity settings: You may be able to adjust the sensitivity of your metal detector, so it only picks up certain kinds of metals. While Bell’s metal detector functioned properly, it was unable to locate the lodged bullet due to the interference caused by the metal coil springs in Garfield’s bed.

The concentric coil gives you more of a cone-shaped search range; meanwhile, the DD coil ends up looking more like the blade of a knife. There are several powerful metal detectors built to detect items at a deeper depth, but they are not nearly as common for the average hobbyist. The Tk4 tracker is great at detecting silver, brass, gold, aluminum, iron, and steel. Even though the detector doesn’t have an LCD, it does have a low battery indicator that is just as easy to understand and will not drain your battery life as quickly as an LCD would.

It also offers new and exclusive technology that makes it more suitable for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelry and even gold nuggets as it provides the best chance to get kids out of the door away playing video games. Also, it provides audio jack that provides a chance to search treasury even in the midst of a noisy street or beach, free of being disturbed and the volume can be tone down.

You’ll likely find a great deal of pocket change with a metal detector, but it’s rare that anyone hits the jackpot. We appreciate the adjustable stem, waterproof search coil, and built-in pinpointer. After you get through the surprisingly complicated assembly, parents may grow tired of the loud metal detector sounds. The user-friendly all-sun Junior Metal Detector will pick up a variety of backyard treasures during your next family scavenger hunt. It’s an excellent tool to use in addition to a standard metal detector.

This is a great design for a digital interface, and it borrows a lot of its design from the traditional metered metal detectors. The control panel keeps things simple but shouldn’t be underrated, as it is fit with multiple options to distinguish metal from trash.

They enjoy treasure hunting while spending time with their family and friends. Inquire this website at your local parks department before taking a metal detector to a public park.

Listed below are 11 of the best metal detectors categorized by experience, budget, and the type of target you want to hunt. If you are looking for relics, artifacts, or treasure, you’ll need a more powerful, deeper seeking detector. Some have more than one operating mode and can be used for various types of detecting.

Shovels – Because how are you going to be able to dig for buried treasure without a shovel? You might not think a warranty is that important, but if your detector fails for no reasons, it’s nice to know that you and send it off and be repaired or replaced with no charge. If you’re buying for yourself an feel like you can handle it, then go for a detector on the heavy side, but if you’re buying for someone else, like a child or something who frequently skips out on lifting, then maybe a lightweight one would be better.

In our general detection test, the Gold Digger missed only one item. While other review sites picked the Bounty Hunter – Tracker IV as their top budget pick, we think the Gold Digger deserves this honor, as it is priced lower than the Tracker IV and functions almost as well. Bounty Hunter dominates the market of metal detectors and with this brand you are sure to receive a quality product.